JWAR Photography
Hi there this is John from JWAR Photography, I have been doing Photography now for 4 years.  I have had the honour of working with some fantastic models throughout the UK in the styles of Alternative, Lingerie, Bikini.  I have also been published in the following magazines.
Bikini Magazine (November 2017)
Tease Magazine (January 2018)
Xpressions Magazine (July 2018)
Twisted Edge Magazine (October 2018 - Multiple Models)
Shazzles After Dark Magazine (June 2021)
Femme Rebelle (August 2021)
Twisted Edge B&W Special (September 2021)
Australian Glamour & Boudoir (Issue 24 September 2021)
Swimwear International Model Magazine  (Issue 15 September 2021)
September 2021 Fashion Millennium Model Magazine B&W Issue 50 (September 2021)

Aside from working with Models, I love all aspects of Photography, including Sports, Bands, Weddings, Wildlife, Pets, Macro, Landscape.  
In addition to my magazine publishing's, I am also honoured to have my work featured on the CD Digi-Pack for local band Hook